Strategic Sustainability

Enproc is an Australian consultancy specialising in sustainability, environmental compliance, climate change risk management, energy efficiency, landfill gas and carbon management.

Established in 1996, Enproc has an enviable reputation among the smaller consultancies in Australia through its focus in providing high quality, cost-effective advice on all aspects of environmental management.

Enproc’s primary vision is to provide cost-effective solutions to reduce risks and liabilities, and become more competitive through efficiency improvements and resource optimisation. Indeed, the very name Enproc (Environmental & Process Management) was derived from the correlation between environmental management and process optimisation (in its broadest sense).

Enproc’s mission includes the following objectives:

We work closely with our clients to provide the best advisory service, focusing on their specific requirements and with “value for money” as our guiding principle.

We strive continuously to improve the quality of our services and advice, aiming to “do it right the first time”. While we aim to exceed our clients’ expectations, we don’t make promises we can’t keep.

Led by Arek Sinanian, author of ‘A Climate for Denial’, Enproc management maintains a company environment which ensures the achievement of the highest levels of technical, environmental and ethical excellence.

Our dedication to these objectives is constantly rewarded through client loyalty and a long list of high profile projects and clients.

Despite its small size, Enproc has a Quality Manual and formal procedures regarding the conduct of assessments/studies, documentation and communication, compilation of data and the preparation of reports.

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