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Enproc provides independent, high quality consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Climate Change Risk Management: what are the risks of climate change on your organisation’s assets, operations, personnel?
  • Carbon Management and Abatement: what is your organisation’s carbon footprint? what are the areas of operation that offer the most cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities?
  • NGER and CFI Reports and Audits: does your organisation submit National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act (NGER) reports? do you need help in preparing these reports? do you need to carry out assurance or audits of such reports? we have certified NGER and Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) Auditors to help you
  • Energy Efficiency: does your organisation carry have a clear understanding of the energy it uses and the operations/processes that offer the best opportunities for efficiency gains and cost reductions?
  • Landfill and Landfill Gas Management (CFI): does your organisation manage landfill gas? do you need assistance in modelling the gas being generated? and assistance in assessing the costs and benefits of utilising the gas for power generation?
  • Environmental & Sustainability Reporting: does your organisation need assistance in preparing environmental or sustainability reporting?
  • Life Cycle Assessments and Product Stewardship: does you organisation carry out regular life cycle assessments for the raw materials it uses?
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS) ISO 14001 and Environmental Management Plans (EMP): does your organisation need assistance in developing its EMS and EMP
  • Environmental Compliance Audits: does your organisation need assistance in ensuring compliance with environmental regulatory requirements?
  • Waste Management Plans: does your organisation need assistance in managing its wastes?
  • Waste Minimisation Strategies: does your organisation need assistance in assessing cost benefits of waste minimisation strategies?
  • Cleaner Production and Process Optimisation: there may be considerable opportunities to improve processes, optimise production and operations
  • Economic Costs and Benefits, and Project Feasibility: we can conduct feasibility studies of all the above type of projects and assist in delivering positive sustainable results
  • Hazardous Materials Management: does your organisation need assistance in managing its hazardous materials?
  • Environmental Procedures and Operational Manuals, Staff Environmental Awareness Training
  • Waste Disposal Facility Management

Through a network of associated consultancies, Enproc can also provide consultancy and monitoring services in the following areas:

  • Energy Auditing and Management
  • Environmental Impact Statements
  • Hazard and Risk Assessments
  • Health and Safety Training
  • Environmental Monitoring (Air, Water, Noise)

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